Ricardo Santos, the sight-holder

It’s a hard task to explain images; and it’s a even harder task to explain a photographer’s work when the best thing to do is to let his work to speak for itself without any caption or written interpretation.

Ricardo’s work is the best example of the statement above. His work is so compelling that we can only become mere spectators to these moments captured in frames when we see it.

His work is romantic, emotional and timeless.

His photography practice became something more in his life during the fine he was studying Communication Design. His friends were his first subjects and, from then on, and after studying fashion photography, he became a household name in Portugal’s fashion industry.

To him, ‘Soul’ is something that moves us; that makes each and everyone of us be the way we are. It’s a personal side that defines us, for good and bad, but, in the end, makes us who we are’.

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