Interview with Margarida Corceiro

Interview: Cláudia Pinto
Photography: Pedro Afonso

We met Margarida Corceiro with Madeira as a backdrop, the Botanic Gardens, to be exact. With her whole life in her large eyes, we get to know the story and unravel the dreams of this actress, who splits her time between television, fashion and the digital world.

How did your progression into fashion and acting begin?

The very “informal” beginnings were with a show for Benetton when I was still very young. More regularly and seriously, it started when Central Models discovered me and thought I had great potential to work with them. First in fashion when I was 12, then in acting when I was 16.

Had you always dreamed of being an actress?

I’m not sure, perhaps, but not openly because I never said I wanted to be an actress. I did say that one day I would be on television. I loved putting on shows for the family and singing and dancing.

Do you remember the first time you were in front of the cameras? What was it like?

Yes! It was a lot better than I had expected. I thought I would be very nervous, but then I realised there was something that helped to keep me relaxed — my dad was always taking pictures and videos of us (me and my sister) to have a record of us growing up — nothing posed, all very natural. Looking back, I think even now this helps make me feel very comfortable in front of the cameras.

You divide your time between fashion, the digital world and acting. Which do you prefer?

Without a doubt acting is at the top of my list. It lets me reinvent myself, I grow and want to know more and more. I adore fashion and digital and I want to continue exploring them each day, but always as a complement to acting.

Right now my digital journey involves as much work as the other two combined. I changed my personal Instagram account into a professional one and now I have more than one million followers. To achieve this at the age of 18, and to be working regularly with the Portuguese and Spanish markets, and to have the confidence of the many brands for which I am an ambassador, makes me very happy and fulfilled.

And what do you prefer doing in fashion?

I love it all. Fashion also gives me the opportunity to transform myself into different characters without a lot of preparation. It is all much more immediate, which also has its appeal. I love photographing campaigns for all formats and what it demands of me in expressive terms, both bodily and facial; it is complementary to acting. I have come to realise it is completely different to pose for a catalogue photo or to transform that energy and “wear” the same product for video, for example. That versatility is challenging. I love it.

Do you have a “dream role”? A character you would like to play?

Yes. I would love to play a villain. These are normally more demanding roles because you have to understand the motive that makes a person bad or evil, but also because that kind of role would take me out of my comfort zone, which would be good for me.

Who is your greatest inspiration?

My parents. Without a doubt! They are the greatest examples in my life, balancing personal achievement, work, friendship, family and love.

What does the future hold?

I see myself happy! I really want to continue doing what I enjoy and being close to those who are most important to me. That’s what makes me happy.

Bearing in mind the theme of this issue is “Hope”, what do you hope for most in the future?

I hope we overcome these difficult times in the near future. That the world can get some respite from pandemics and such serious matters.

In the longer term, I am hopeful that many of the not-so-good things we have experienced so far will start to be corrected and reinvented: things like recycling, sustainability and cleaning up the oceans.

And finally, what does Portuguese soul mean to you?

For me, the Portuguese soul is happiness. It is smiling, dancing, eating and partying, even when the victories are small! It is to be aware that we have a wonderful country and that we are the best at so many things!

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