Somewhere Beyond the Sea

(Left) Shoes: Cruz de Pedra; Hat: Huarte; Sweater: Hibu; Coat and trousers: Rafael O Ferreira | (Right) Hat: Huarte; Dress: Alexandra Moura; Coat and Trousers: Andreia Reimão
Boots: Exceed Shoe Thinkers; Turtleneck: Rafael O Ferreira; Knit vest: Andreia Reimão; Trousers: Rafael O Ferreira; Coat: Filipe Augusto
(Left) Boots: RCM; Total look, including hat: David Catalán; Socks: Stylist own | (Right) Hat: Huarte; Jacket: Carolina Machado
(Left) Hat: Huarte; Sweater: Hibu; Coat and Trousers: Rafael O Ferreira | (Right) Shoes: Perlato; Coat and skirt: Carolina Machado; Shirt: Alexandra Moura; Socks: Stylist own
(Left) Hat and collar: Huarte; Dress: Hibu; Coat Carolina Machado | (Middle) Shirt: David Catalán | (Right) Shoes: Cloud; Hat, Coat and trousers: David Catalán; Shirt: Hibu; Tie: Vandoma
(Left) Shirt: Alexandra Moura; Coat and trousers: Filipe Augusto | (Right) Boots: Lemon Jelly; Hat and collar: Huarte; Dress and trousers: Hibu; Coat: Carolina Machado
Hat: Belcinto; Shirt and Coat: Alexandra Moura; Tie: Vandoma
(Left) Knit: Filipe Augusto | (Right) Shoes: Dark Collection; Knit vest: David Catalán; Shirt: Alexandra Moura; Trousers: Filipe Augusto

Photography: Ricardo Santos
Styling: Joel Alves

Production: Snowberry
Set Design: Joaquim Szkutnik da Rocha
Make up: Patrícia Lima
Hair: Rui Rocha
Models: Dan Rogers (View Models),
Kieza (Central Models)

Watch the video here

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