Historic Belcinto launches LeatherGoods brand

Belcinto, an old Portuguese company specialising in the production and development of leather goods, has just launched a new label, LeatherGoods.

“At LeatherGoods we set ourselves a serious, difficult but achievable goal: production derived solely from the leftover raw materials from other collections, reusing them and using them in their entirety without generating new leftovers in the process,” says Ana Maria Vasconcelos. “This forced us to think rigorously about design, to invent new compositions and combinations that maintain consumer appeal, to take risks and challenge the team’s creativity, starting from an idea that is dear to us — to look at the whole potential of a piece, to satisfy fully the issues of functionality without ceasing to please and even surprise consumers, keeping us current, but without concessions in terms of sustainability.”

For the launch of the new label, Belcinto looked “at unused raw materials and accessories as one looks longingly at a treasure, knowing its value.”

“We experiment, we recombine, we try out other options.”

Ana Maria Vasconcelos adds that “the result is a profoundly original line, with its roots firmly planted in what we did before. An unusual line loaded with our know-how and our history.” It was, incidentally, “a task we had fun with, that made us feel we were doing the right thing.”

For the head of Belcinto, “good things come from the difficulties the process poses, from the need to make do with what we have, from the determination to make what we put on the market last. For us, the only things missing are things that we connect with and which reinforce the meaning and purpose of our lives and of this company.”

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