Cape and jumpsuit: Huarte; Golden necklace: Juliana Bezerra
Boots: Tatuaggi; Tank top: Stylist Archive; Jeans: Marques’Almeida; Necklace: Ceagagê
(Left) Boots: Apple of Eden; Shirt: Fora de Jogo; Pants: Davii; Sweater: Unflower; Golden earring: Juliana Bezerra | (Right) Dress: Unflower; Bracelet: Ceagagê
Top and jeans: Marques’Almeida; Bracelet: Ceagagê
(Left) Jacket and jeans: Levi’s + Béhen | (Right) Shoes: JJ Heitor; Jumper: Hibu; Skirt: Carolina Machado
Dress: Davii
(Left) Boots: Luís Onofre; Polo sweater: Filipe Augusto; Pants: Unflower; Golden bracelet: Juliana Bezerra | (Right) Dress: Davii
(Left) Boots: Fly London; Dress: Davii | (Middle) Boots: Lemon Jelly; Cape and jumpsuit: Huarte; Golden necklace: Juliana Bezerra | (Right) Boots: A&R Pontes; Scarf/top and jeans: Huarte; Silver earring: Juliana Bezerra
(Left) Sweater: Gant | (Right) Boots: Gladz; Jacket: Ricardo Andrez; Skirt: Carolina Machado
Martim — Jacket: David Catalán; Blesnya — Top vintage: Ás de Espadas
(Left) Shirt, jumper and pants: Fora de Jogo; Necklace: Ceagagê; Golden bracelet: Juliana Bezerra | (Right) Boots: Felmini; Top vintage: Ás de Espadas; Jeans: Hibu
(Left) Boots: Felmini; Blouse: Fora de Jogo; Jeans: Alves/Gonçalves; Earring: Ceagagê | (Middle) Boots: Apple od Eden; Vest, shirt and pants: Constança Entrudo | (Right) Boots: Nobrand; Jacket and jeans: Levi’s + Béhen

Photography: Frederico Martins
Styling: Cláudia Barros

Hair: Rui Rocha
Make up: Patrícia Lima
Models: Blésnya Minher ‘Da Banda’, Martim Canavarro ‘Da Banda’
Photography assitant: Pedro Sá
Styling assistant: Margarida Paiva
Production: Lalaland Studios
Driver: Nelson Rodrigues ‘Golden Tour’

Read the interview here
Watch the video here

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