Sneakers: Ambitious; Vest, top and jeans: David Catalán; Gold shirt: Luís Carvalho; Vintage wool socks
(Left) Loafers: Mocc’s; Jacket and shorts: Luís Carvalho; Hoodie and socks: H&M | (Right) Hat and jumper: Huarte
Boots: Carlos Santos; Dungarees and bib: Huarte; Vest: David Catalán; Vintage wool socks
Boots: Nobrand; Top and shorts: Huarte; Vintage Ray Ban sunglasses
Boots J.Reinaldo; Suit: Luís Carvalho; Shirt: David Catalán; Vintage belt and wool socks
(Left and Middle) Boots: Valuni; Vest and kilt shorts: Huarte; Ring necklace: Ambush; Vintage wool socks | (Right) Sneakers: Sanjo; Jumpsuit and duffel coat: Huarte; Lighter necklace: Ambush
Sneakers: Wolf & Son; Coat and hoodie: David Catalán; Trench coat and shorts: Luís Carvalho; Key ring necklace: Zara

Photography: Pedro Afonso
Styling: Fernando Bastos Pereira

Photo Assistant: André Dantas
Styling Assistant: Nelson Lima
Make Up: Patrícia Lima
Hair: Rui Rocha
Production: Snowberry
Model: Fábio Silva ‘Just Models’
Production: Snowberry
Special Thanks to: Visit Madeira

Watch the video here

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