Point of View

Everyone has a point of view, often their own and very personal. What do we think when we see an item of clothing on the catwalk?

And on the other side? And who is it created for? How do the creators see their own work? Point of View spoke to three creators to seek to understand how the pieces are viewed after they are created.

Miguel Vieira

Collection theme: DNA

“Visual identity is a universal language that defines and shapes our lives. What we wear reflects our being, it speaks for us, it tells the world who we are before anything else.” The story Miguel Vieira tells with his Winter 2022 collection is about people who are confident in their appearance and who see their clothes as an extension of themselves, as something that is a part of their DNA.

These striking characters have the power to be themselves, to eschew stereotypes and wear what they want, when they want. For them, what is classic could be modern, because their attitude makes them irreverent and unique. They are the leaders of the liberation from the social stigma that says we must dress to our gender.

It is important to strip away the labels imposed by society that limit us as individuals and to begin to see gender fluidity as something natural and freely chosen.

Choice item:

There is no choice item. All items, from the clothes, to the footwear, jewellery and leather goods, were created with the goal of making each outfit the look of choice.

Hugo Costa

Collection theme: Nimsdai

Nirmal “Nims” Purja, a Nepalese climber known for having climbed the 14 mountains taller than 8,000 metres, and for the speed with which he did it, is the main inspiration for this collection. It is inspired by his resilience and ability to overcome obstacles, by his spirit of sacrifice and sense of achievement. This is reflected in the collection, through its strong shapes, resistant materials, aggressive details, with a positive and vibrant colour sense.

Choice item:

It is difficult to choose because they were all designed by me… However, I have chosen a coordinated outfit because it is the one I am most attracted to and the one I would most like to wear.

Carlos Gil

Collection theme: Know Now

This collection was created with emotion and great feeling. Kisses and hugs, and the absence of them during this pandemic, was the inspiration for the collection.

Ocean waves were the metaphor for an image in the creation of sleeves for various items in the collection.

The waves embrace us and embrace the land. The size of the items comforts us.

Choice item:

One of the iconic items in this collection is the padded jumpsuit that portrays all these feelings; however, the whole collection uses this symbolism of the absence of intimacy as a result of the pandemic. (the kisses and the hugs).

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