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Ambitious launches a new sustainable sneaker

Ambitious never stops surprising. For the new season, the label has recovered the iconic lines Haven and Rhome, and introduced a new version: CAP, a 100% eco-trainer made entirely from recycled or eco-friendly materials. CAP is Ambitious’s 100% Eco-trainer, meaning all its components are either recycled or sustainably produced. Highlights include recycled rubber soles, SEAQUAL canvas uppers, recycled polyester labels, laces, threads and footbed and recycled and recyclable box and tissue.

Imagine by DiVERGE

Nine youngsters from the Bairro do Zambujal took part in a new programme designed to combat social exclusion by training and empowering young people from deprived neighbourhoods. The Imagine project was promoted by the footwear brand DiVERGE, and its ultimate goal is to provide young people with job skills and equal opportunities.

“This is a completely innovative project that, in addition to empowering young people from these neighbourhoods, allows them to create from scratch and launch their own trainers, as if it were a small business they manage themselves, from creation to promotion, receiving all the profits from these products,” the company said. According to João Esteves, CEO and founder of DiVERGE SNEAKERS, “Imagine aims to give young people from deprived neighbourhoods the tools to have equal opportunities, giving them key job skills, while boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem. This is the basis of an idea that, besides having a social impact, could also generate an economic impact from a micro business that can gain a lot of scale with our clients.”

Sanjo launches clothing collection

The iconic trainers brand has launched its first line of clothing for Spring/Summer 2021. The Tribe Workwear Collection consists of unisex clothing that is made entirely in Portugal.

Oversized and vintage-inspired, Sanjo’s new clothing line takes us back to the iconic workwear of bygone days that made such a splash in the United States and the United Kingdom. Jackets, waistcoats, shirts, hoodies, sweaters and T-shirts are just some of the pieces in this collection.

Made in Portugal, the Tribe Workwear Collection is inspired by Sanjo’s past. This tribute to the brand’s tradition is expressed in the patterns created specifically for this line, e.g. the Sanjo timeline since 1933, or the print of an old photograph of the Sanjoanense basketball team, serve to highlight the brand’s origins and its long association with sport.

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