Gonçalo Peixoto unveils SS22 at MILANO FASHION WEEK

ALICE WE WILL MEET IN THE WONDERLAND is the wonderland of Gonçalo Peixoto’s memory. Designer ModaLisboa introduced the spring/summer 2022 collection yesterday, 26 th of September, at Milano Fashion Week.

“On a journey through my grandmother’s Alice chest of memories, ‘we found you at the wonderland’ reflects the hope of a reunion with the person that influenced my childhood in a very impactful way and recreates the imaginary and utopian place where our souls meet again”, explains the creator. This candid desire is materialized in silhouettes and fabrics in the image of Gonçalo’s grandmother, through an intense exploration of floral patterns, crochet and brocades.

This collection of ‘saudade’ and joy was revealed to the public at a cocktail party at the Senato Hotel Milano, where the guests had the opportunity to see the SS22 pieces up close as well the video recorded in the very same Italian city days before and broadcasted on the official platform of the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.

The Designer presented for the first time on the official Milano Fashion Week calendar last season, in digital format. Peixoto returns now to Italy to reinforce its bet on the international market through the cooperation between Associação ModaLisboa and Portugal Fashion.

Bellow, all the images and the collection’s video exhibited in Milan. Gonçalo Peixoto presents ALICE WE WILL MEET IN THE WONDERLAND in MODALISBOA AND NOW WHAT?, from 7th to 10th of October, at Lisbon’s Capitólio.

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