Alexandra Moura presents “Trust your vision” at Milan

Milan was Portugal Fashion’s last international stop with Alexandra Moura’s fashion show in the Italian’s Fashion Week’s official calendar on 27 th of September, at 10 am local time (9 am in mainland Portugal), at Della Permanente Museum.

After revealing the Men’s collection at Milan and Paris and being present at London Fashion Week with the Woman’s collection, it is now Alexandra Moura’s turn to unveil the proposals for the spring-summer of 2022.

In the collection “Trust your vision”, Alexandra Moura brings back moments, details, concepts and visions that have served as a reference for the brand over the last 20 years. According to the designer, “in Alexandra’s Moura DNA, with its romantic vs. underground, classic vs. sporty features, the ethical and aesthetic values are pillars that distinguish the maturity of the work.

This is also a celebration for the brand’s last two decades, which are, therefore, celebrated through a collaboration between the photographer Rui Aguiar, who collaborates with Alexandra Moura from the very beginning. “The pictures add beauty to this collection with chronological moments of past collections while highlighting the strong conceptual-artistic component of the pieces”, declares the fashion designer.

The materials of the collection are also subdued by the silhouette. The workwear fabric becomes something classic, as does the cotton wool jumper that transforms its urban load into disruptive elegance. The 90s aesthetic with references to the late 70s brings too a punk-rock charge to the silhouette. “Trust your vision” is about the intuitive and experimental processes of the last 20 years, as well as a vision of fashion itself.

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