Choices With Soul

Choices are a part of our day-to-day life, from the moment we open our eyes in the morning to the If Porto is our home, many are the projects that come to light on these streets. They inhabit the walls, the shops, our steps. The choices in this edition could not be random. They only guarantee that you will be surprised by the invisible magic of a city that seems to be asleep, but which surprises you at every turn.

Text: Cláudia Pinto

A place: Livraria Lello

To be of Porto is to be of its spaces. So a visit to the Livraria Lello bookshop is essential. Even if you are from the city, this space will surprise you every time. It is a place where dreams come true, and where words form the walls. And where even the booksellers are Portuguese-shod.

A space: Cantina 32

If you want to be surprised, then food is an obligatory stop on any tour of Porto. And it is no surprise that Cantina 32 makes this list. Let’s see: in the heart of Rua das Flores, with food that combines the traditional with a touch of modernity and a style that transports you to the purest comfort. Are you convinced?

Go shopping: The Feeting Room

Buy domestic, buy creativity and still be in a pleasant space offering good coffee? Yes. It is possible. And right in the heart of the city. In Largo dos Lóios you will find The Feeting Room, where you can discover dozens of domestic products ranging from clothing to footwear and accessories.

Where culture is born: Rivoli Theatre

All of Porto is a riot of culture, but there is one place that you must see. Dance, theatre, music. There are no good reasons not to visit Porto’s Rivoli Theatre and discover their cultural programme, which is as surprising as it is innovative.

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