House Music is Disco’s Revenge

Boots: Felmini; All clothing: Nuno Baltazar; Vintage earrings
Sandals: Tatuaggi; Dress: Edition; Vintage belt
(Left) Jacket and shorts: Luís Carvalho; Vintage bra and erarrings | (Right) Bag: Rufel; Top and skirt: Edition; Vintage earrings
(Left) Dress: Edition; Vintage earrings | (Right) Mules: Tatuaggi; Jacket and shorts: Luís Carvalho; Vintage bra and erarrings
Boots: Gladz; All clothing: Luís Buchinho; Vintage earrings
Sandals: JJ Heitor; All clothing: Gonçalo Peixoto
Sandals: Luís Onofre; Dresses: Luís Carvalho; Vintage bra
(Left) Sandals: Luís Onofre; Top: Gonçalo Peixoto; Vintage hot pants and earrings | (Right) Sandals: Apple of Eden; Jacket: Luís Buchinho; Vintage hot pants

Photography: Pedro Afonso
Styling: Fernando Bastos Pereira

Hair: Miguel Machado
Make Up: Helena Almeida
Styling Assistant: Nelson Ribeiro
Production: Snowberry
Casting: Joana Castro
Models: Aidé and Rainara (Face Models) and Janina Tati (Da Banda)
Special Thanks to Pérola Negra Club

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