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The streets of Porto are an endless source of inspiration. Hidden in the windows and balconies of the city’s characteristic and iconic buildings are tales of young illustrators overcoming obstacles and carrying the name of Portugal around the world. With each doodle they defend, contest, decry, protest, and seek to change ideas. Without saying a word.

Clara, Não


Her roots are firmly planted in Porto. She uses her work as a manifesto to defend causes, particularly those concerned with female empowerment, equality and the demystification of societal myths and taboos.

Her background is in communication design, illustration and creative writing. She specialized in drawing and printing techniques, where she studied the relationship between drawing and writing, which is one of her trademarks.

Sofia Pádua

While her base is in S. João da Madeira, her works can be found in the iconic town of Cedofeita. She started drawing at an early age, but digital illustration is something she began more recently.

She recently presented a range of illustrations inspired by musicians, ranging from Amália Rodrigues to David Bowie, and well-known authors, from José Saramago to Eça de Queirós.

Mariana, A Miserável


Mariana Santos is the artist responsible for the Mariana, A Miserável drawings to be found all over the country. It is a kind of alter-ego that confronts us with the beauty of mistakes.

After completing a graphic design course in Porto, she decided to focus entirely on illustration. She has worked with brands, universities, design studios and publishers. To celebrate the 10th year of her career, she released the “Meninos das Lágrimas” (Children of Tears) series. She is an unavoidable name in Portuguese illustration.

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