Evandro & Ozzy

EVANDRO: Blazer: Maison Margiela; Vintage earring | OZZY: Shirt: Palm Angels; Vintage necklace
OZZY: Jacket: Vetements; Brooch: Ambush | EVANDRO: Jacket: Martine Rose; Earring: Ambush
EVANDRO: Jumper: Raf Simons; Vintage necklace | OZZY: T-shirt and jacket: Rhude; Vintage brooches
OZZY: Shirt: Feng Cheng Wang; Vintage necklace | EVANDRO: Jacket: Martine Rose

Photography: Pedro Afonso
Styling: Fernando Bastos Pereira

Hair: Rui Rocha
Make Up: Patrícia Lima with Guerlain products
Models: Evandro (Karacter), Ozzy (Just Models)
Special thank to wrongweather.net

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