Sanjo opens two pop-up stores in El Corte Inglés

Buying national footwear is getting easier and easier. Sanjo has just opened two exclusive pop-up stores in El Corte Inglés. “Driven by the passion of providing good experiences for its consumers, the brand has just jumped from digital to face-to-face.” 

To get even closer to customers, the national brand introduces this novelty in the cities of Vila Nova de Gaia and Lisbon. “These two physical spaces will enhance the shopping experience, provide unique experiences to the customers, and allow us to reach more and new people,” says the brand in a statement. 

The 40m² of the Third Floor, in the El Corte Inglés in Vila Nova de Gaia, and the Fourth Floor in Lisbon display a perfect symbiosis between simple and heavy lines, which refer to typical elements of the urban landscape. The colour palette, where the pastel blue is prominent, reinforces this theme and elevates the workwear line of the 100% Portuguese brand. 

With these openings, Sanjo is seeking to increase its notoriety while exhibiting all its apparel and footwear offerings. So, the two corners at El Corte Inglés reflect the energy of the street culture, the appreciation for Portuguese design and the national origin of its products.

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