LOT: Discover the Brands of Tomorrow

Labels of Tomorrow (LOT) is the new space in downtown Porto. Under the umbrella of The Feeting Room, the new space opened to the public at 144 José Falcão Street. A place for creativity and good taste, where tomorrow’s brands are in charge. 

“LOT emerges as a space that aims to provide a unique retail experience”, say the founders of the project in a statement. 

Here, tradition and modernity come together. The original layout of the historic building remains, but the remaining 800 m², divided into two floors, appeal to the senses of modernity and design, with retail spaces, a restaurant with a terrace, and an art gallery that opens onto a garden perfect for Summer evenings. 

A-line, Alogori, Cinco Store, Fora, Sanjo and Nobrand are some of the brands made in Portugal that can be found in the new space, but that is not all. LOT assembles other international brands with growth potential. “The catalogue of brands was built through a careful and strategic analysis to enable the discovery of independent talent in areas as diverse as cosmetics, catering, art, or clothing. Each brand has an exclusive space, reinforcing its identity, and serving as a communication hub for it.”

The new space also allows its visitors to enjoy a meal from the Eleven Lab Concept and meet several projects in the artistic field, which is the result of a partnership with the Underdogs gallery that will have, this way, its first place in Invicta. 

The project 

The Feeting Room was created in 2015, and focuses on the promotion of emerging talent and the search for new concepts, idealizing a consumption vision based both on the experience and the product, through the curatorship of independent brands that stand out in the national and international markets. Originally centred on the Portuguese footwear trade, The Feeting Room now has an online space, three physical stores, two in Porto and one in Lisbon, and more than 100 partner brands from all over the world.

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