From the 6th to the 9th of October, MODALISBOA OASIS, in co-organization with the Lisbon City Council, will take to the Lisboa Social Mitra a comprehensive and multidisciplinary programme of runways and presentations. 

At the 59th Lisbon Fashion Week, the designers reinforce their commitment to creativity, which goes beyond the content of their collections, as it is grounded in performance diversity. With a calendar structured around the core of the Fashion Week – the runways -, there are programmatic moments that show the fluidity between Visual Arts and Performance, adding to MODALISBOA OASIS the conceptual richness of contemporary transformation.

The first day starts with a call to discuss the current challenges of this creative industry. The Fast Talks, divided between a roundtable and a conversation focused on topics such as climate urgency and technological proficiency, will be the starting point, with two panels of national and international speakers, which will soon be announced. On the same day, MODALISBOA OASIS is the stage for the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML) project, which aims to deconstruct social representations, stereotypes and discrimination about ageing: Beauty Has No Age is the materialization of a continuous effort to promote intergenerationally: SCML people and public figures celebrate the synergy between generations.

The news do not stop here. ARNDES and Maria Clara, winners of the Polimoda and Tintex Textiles awards (respectively) in the latest editions of Sangue Novo, are to debut at Workstation, and Fora de Jogo returns to the catwalk. Speaking of returns, Miguel Flor, President of the Jury of Sangue Novo, delves into his Fashion Design archives and celebrates the memories with a present outlook. Saturday, the 8th, we will watch the debut of Filipe de Augusto on the LAB platform, Buzina on the main platform — which Duarte joins on Sunday — and Call Me Gorgeous, Luís Borges’ accessories brand, on the ModaLisboa catwalk, with the launch of a new collection at a time that (it is a promise) goes far beyond a fashion show.

João Magalhães opens the last day of MODALISBOA OASIS, while also unveiling his new studio, and Ivan Hunga Garcia does the opposite: an artistic installation that lasts three days and finishes off with his “botanical clothing”. At 6 pm, the Salsa Jeans x Luís Carvalho capsule collection will finally be presented to the public, as part of the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the iconic Push-Up fit, which is recreated here by the designer. Before making his debut in Moda de Auteur, Luís Carvalho began his career precisely in the Portuguese denim brand.

In addition to the Fashion Show calendar — which will be live-streamed on Lisbon Fashion Week digital platforms — MODALISBOA OASIS will also have a parallel program of various actions open to the city’s public, to be announced shortly.

MODALISBOA OASIS intends, therefore, to convey to its audiences a greater dimension of Fashion: one that is much more than the product, that thinks and discusses the society of which it is part and drives it forward. 

MODALISBOA OASIS. It only remains for us to create the impossible.

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