Portuguese Soul Competition

Who we are

Portuguese Soul is a publication from APICCAPS (Portuguese Footwear, Components, Leather Goods Manufacturers’ Association), printed every six months and distributed in 120 countries across all continents.

It seeks to be a live testimony of a country with nine centuries of existence that reshaped the idea of the world. It is also a love story. It exists for the love of art, Portuguese footwear and leather accessories, and the accumulated know-how from several generations. For the love of fashion, creativity, and design with the label “made in Portugal”. Portugal Soul is also the combined effort of several of the most prestigious fashion professionals in Portugal, while pursuing, from the first moment, to be a fertile field for the launch of new talents.  

Short Description

Portuguese Soul launches a competition for new talents in the field of photography and styling. The winners will jointly be remunerated for a fashion editorial in the next issue of the magazine.

Who may enter 

Photography and styling professionals with less than two years of experience.

Submission Guidelines 

Applications must address the theme of sustainability, include a biography and a visual proposal (mood board and/or portfolio), and be submitted by the 30th of October to the following email address claudiapinto@apiccaps.pt or Rua Alves Redol, 372 4050-042 Porto. 

Selection Process 

Applications will be evaluated by a jury of professionals from the sector, comprised of Paulo Gonçalves (President of the Jury), Cláudia Pinto (Editor), Fernando Bastos Pereira (Styling), Frederico Martins (Photographer), Helena Silva (Producer) and Mário Teixeira (Graphic Design). 


Candidates are holders of the rights to the authorship of their projects, being their legal guardians.Portuguese Soul publication reserves the right to use all necessary means for the dissemination, communication, and promotion of this competition, as well as for the publication of the final work in its channels (magazine and website).


Cláudia Pinto
Rua Alves Redol, 372 4050-042

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