Shoes: Mooc’s; Shirt and Trousers: Ernest W. Baker
Shoes: Dark Collection; Dress and Scarf: Huarte
(Left) Shirt: Ernest W. Baker | (Right) Boots: Nobrand; Shirt, Vest and Shorts: Ernest W. Baker
Shoes: Sanjo; Cardigan and Shorts: Pedro Pedro
Shoes: Dark Collection; Jumper and Trousers: Constança Entrudo; Shirt: Ernest W. Baker
(Left) Shoes: Carlos Santos; Jumpsuit: Luís Carvalho; Turtleneck: Dino Alves | (Right) Cardigan: Pedro Pedro

Photography: Frederico Martins
Styling: Cláudia Barros

Interview: Irina Chitas

Graphic Art: Gonçalo Ribeiro
Hair: Liliana Silva (Atelier de Imagem Rui Rocha)
Make Up: Sara Fonseca
Photography Assistant: Pedro Sá, Filipe Teixeira
Styling Assistant: Maria Sampaio
Video: Raul Sousa
Production: Diogo Oliveira (Lalaland Studios)
Retouching: Lalaland Studios

Read the interview here
Watch the video here

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