Portuguese Soul Issue 24


On the 15 November, the United Nations estimated the population of the planet to have reached 8 billion. We’ve never been so many. In 1950, the world’s population was 2.5 billion. The population will grow slowly to reach 10.4 billion in 2086 before it begins to decline. The world today already consumes more than the Earth can regenerate. If nothing changes, humanity faces the greatest challenge of its existence.

We live in a world of excess and contrast, with the ambition of just a few contaminating the quality of life of millions around the world.

More or less consciously, each day we make decisions that harm us and place the planet at risk.

Globally, 22 billion pairs of footwear are produced every year. Consumption is constantly increasing. A total of nine out of every ten pairs of footwear are made in Asia. Are we comfortable with this? Is this sustainable?

In Portugal, we have long been advocates of knowing how to do things well. Every year, our industry exports 80 million pairs of footwear to 172 countries on five continents. Mass production has never been our priority. Rather, our strategic choice lies in producing footwear of excellent quality in Europe at a fair price, while respecting international conventions and honouring our social responsibilities. By believing in this, our sector will invest €140 million over three years.

In this special issue of Portuguese Soul, we have gone in search of “A Better World”. What are the UN’s goals? What do they involve? What is the fashion industry doing to promote an industry of the future, integrating minorities, recognising the importance of women and offering real opportunities to new talent?

In sum, what roles do each and every one of us play individually? Are we really ready to change our lives?

— Paulo Gonçalves, Editor in Chief

Table of Contents

  • Editorial
  • For a Better World
  • The Path to the Future is Green
  • Sustainability Pioneers
  • Choices with Soul
  • Catarina
  • Happy Faces
  • 140 Million Reasons to Believe
  • Numbers
  • Follow Me
  • Belcinto is a Champion of Sustainability
  • Give Leather a Chance
  • People Matters
  • Let the Sunshine In
  • Marcelino Sambé
  • Homeland
  • All the Way Up
  • On Stage
  • Wonther
  • Miguel Flor
  • Sewing History
  • Positive Invoice
  • Dorrit
  • All About My Mother
  • Shaping a Future Based on the Legacy of the Past
  • Magic Can Change the World
  • The Home Project Design Studio
  • Obroni Wawu
  • Fork and Knife Sustainability
  • A Better World
  • Ana Varela
  • Hot New Talents
  • 48 Hours in Santa Maria da Feira
  • Santa Maria da Feira
  • Portuguese Cork to Conquer the World
  • Douro Suites
  • At the Table in Santa Maria da Feira
  • History and a Castle in a Fogaça

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