Choices With Soul

Giving soul to projects, in whatever area, can be synonymous with differentiation because distinctive brands are invariably genuine, thought-out and reflective.

In this Choices with Soul, you’ll discover several projects that bring life to an idea, a dream, a rehabilitation… and make us dream and dream.

Text: Cláudia Pinto

Joana Mundana

Through the drawings of others we can recognise ourselves; we can see the world through different eyes. See common personality points in the illustrator’s traces, discover new places in their environments, feel a pure and genuine connection with the emotions they set to paper. This is exactly what you can find in the works of Joana Mundana. Born in Caldas da Rainha, she studied architecture in Porto before setting out on a journey in the world of illustration.

“In my personal work I tend to explore the idea of the mundane, the things of earthly life, the everyday and the ordinary. I am inspired by scenes from life, some happier, some sadder, some more thoughtful, more profound, others more basic and immediate, a bit like life, deep down,” are words taken from her website.

Our advice is to see, feel and, in the end, take home a little emotion.

The House of Rising Sun

The famous song starts with “There is a House”, but we only need the second line “They call the rising sun” to introduce this melody. Its name is Village by BOA, and it is hidden in plain sight on Bom Jardim street, right next door to the Trindade station in the centre of Porto. And as we are unable to contextualise it using a traditional hotel management definition, let’s just say that we feel like we’ve arrived home.

We feel downtown all around, but it is more like we have travelled in time. And travelled well. Many years ago, this space was known as Bairro da Silva, a neighbourhood to support station workers. The new Village by Boa project was developed over a two-year period by the Pablo Pita architecture firm, and incorporates the thorough design values of Bacana Design Studio.

The project offers its guests individual houses that are fully equipped, bringing the comfort and stability of a home. There is also a special space for events, which is just as welcoming and private. Recently, the Village by BOA hosted the inauguration of a concept store dedicated to sustainability, with dozens of national brands curated by Marita Moreno.


Two cousins, a common passion: to build a project together with a clear mission: create unique pieces, giving life to different raw materials. One an architect, the other an events manager; they have combined their passion, art and the will to innovate.

And this is how Bhoomi was born, a brand of accessories produced with the most unlikely raw materials. Bhoomi in Hindi for Earth.

Flour, coffee, spices and sand… are just some of the materials the duo use to make earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Galeria Padaria Águas Furtadas

This is a perfect place, at least for those who enjoy art, illustration and decoration. It is located in a picturesque street in Porto, between the Cadeia da Relação and the Mosteiro São Bento da Vitória, in a former bakery, as the name suggests. Halfway down the street, and before you get lost in the views over the city, you will find No 44.

Inside you can see all those illustrations you’ve always dreamed of, or that piece of pottery you’ve marked as a favourite on your phone for months. There are artists for all tastes, techniques and shapes. We think the hardest thing will be to choose…

Where: Galeria Padaria – Rua São Bento da Vitória. No. 44 4050-542, Porto.

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