No One’s Here To Sleep

How many words are tucked away in uninhabited spaces? How many stories do we find nailed to the walls? What view do we have of the past? While preparing to step onto the catwalk at Portugal Fashion, we found the ideal moment to explore a place uniquely inhabited by time. What secrets do we hide?

In this discovery… No One’s Here To Sleep.

Boots: Reve de Flo
Bag and shoes: Campobello
Boots: Fly London
Sneakers: J.Reinaldo
Bag: Rufel
Bag: Leather Goods by Belcinto
Shoes: Nobrand

Photography: Pedro Afonso
Styling: Fernando Bastos Pereira

Photo Assistant: Hugo Pais Ribeiro
Styling Assistant: Nelson Lima
Make Up and Hair: Helena Almeida
Models: Marteus (Central Models), Ana Veloso (Karacter)

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