Hot New Talents

Every year, dozens of talented people graduate from the Footwear Industry Vocational Training Centre (CFPIC — Centro de Formação Profissional da Indústria de Calçado). Students who are ready to enter an industry that already employs 40,000.

From design to production, from management to the commercial department, CFPIC’s overall role is to train new generations working in the Portuguese footwear industry. For several years now, CFPIC has trained some of Portugal’s most important footwear designers, holding a prominent position in the artistic and technical training of these youngsters. But that is not all. CFPIC is also an important partner in the professional training of workers and in supporting the footwear industry.

It is also noteworthy the work developed in the recent past by the CFPIC, in partnership with APIC (the representative Association for the Tanning Industry and the Leather Cluster in Portugal), in the PT Leather inDesign project, whose goal is to promote the integrated development of innovative products by the Portuguese Leather Industry.

With the creativity of Joaquim Szkutnik da Rocha and the look of Carmo Amorim, in this edition of Hot New Talents, we present the works of the following CFPIC students: Ana Sciacca, Cátia Ferreira, Ivo Gama, Liliana Pedrosa, Maria João Ferreira, Nómada and Pedro Costa.

Shoes: Maria João Ferreira (2022)
Boots: Nómada (2021); Bag: Ivo Gama (2020)
Boots: Maria João Ferreira (2022); Bag: Ivo Gama (2020)
Shoes: Pedro Costa (2018); Boots: Cátia Ferreira (2022)
Boots (Left): Liliana Pedrosa (2019); Boots (Middle): Ana Sciacca (2019); Bag: Cátia Ferreira (2022)

Photography: Carmo Amorim
Concept: Joaquim Szkutnik da Rocha (Snowberry)

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