We need to talk: The new Latitid Collection is out

“A plunge into a physical and sensorial journey. It transports us to a distant but magical universe. It is light and experience. It is playing with reality and fiction. It is experimenting and taking risks. It’s a journey through all five senses, where the sixth is the attitude”.

Closer is the new Latitid swimwear collection. An invitation to a sensory experience with bright knitwear and Lycra, inspired by both Japan and the Asian culture.
The first drop of the summer collection includes 10 bikinis and five swimsuits, with names and surnames of women who made and make a difference in Japanese culture and the world. To create them, the brand focused on bringing something new by using cuts, raw materials and prints. The inspiration came from details of the iconic Japanese kimono and, still within the particularities of this piece, it were developed models in which “the idea was to create the illusion of overlap/layers through cuts in the models”, says the brand in a statement.

“Tokyo is a unique experience. Beyond the language and the geographical distance, the loss of orientation is a reality. Figuring out where we are and planning where we’re going proves to be an art at this crossroads of trends and contradictions”, explain Inês and Marta Fonseca, the founders of Latitid. “Our goal was to bring our customers some kind of sensory experience by exploring the senses during the contact with the pieces to create a much more natural shopping process”. The skyscrapers that fill Tokyo’s skies served as inspiration for the introduction of a mesh, in which texture represents the complexity of the structures and architecture. Bright Lycra, which has accompanied the collections over the years, appears again in new, warm colours, and in gradient for the first time.

For the prints, the brand’s creative director, Marta Fonseca, used the futuristic side of the structures and architecture of the Japanese capital to develop geometric prints. On the other hand, the floral prints, very present in the new collection, take us back to the traditional side of the city of Kyoto.

In the Closer collection, red and orange take centre stage because “they have a great presence in traditional Japanese culture”. Pink, as a trend colour, also enters this palette, through two prints, and in the textured knit, which also exists in blue.

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