Dare to enter? A tour for Oporto’s stores

Every day, we come across stories, spaces, places, and people that leave a more or less strong mark on us. Some are somewhat familiar, others evoke memories, or even move us. There are too many reasons, some of which cannot even be explained. We don’t know what to do with this information.

Walking around, we realize thousands of people work daily on projects that, despite their many goals, have one in common: the promotion of Portugal. And because at Portuguese Soul we continue believing that our country is a well of talents, in this new section, we leave you with suggestions, projects, stories, and people that somehow have inspired us. And which are deserving of reaching… wherever the magic of the virtual world takes them.

The invitation is the same as always… visit. Today, we walk through the streets of Porto.

Text: Cláudia Pinto


In Porto’s street of Rosário, CRU emerges from the crowd. A store, which is also a space where you can taste an otherworldly coffee. CRU store is an essential part of the CRU Creative Hub, launched in 2012.

The store curates products in categories such as fashion, jewellery, homeware, plants, illustration and much more. “In our selection, we privilege high-quality, coherence and originality within the Portuguese design scene, as well as the brand’s commitment to sustainability and fair trade. We love and respect the stories behind the products, the brands and the makers, hence our aim is to inspire our clients with all the beautiful and creative things made in Portugal”, reads the space’s website.

And where?

Rua do Rosário nº 211, Porto

Ò! Galeria

When you visit the Ò! Gallery you will certainly sympathise with these words which, however thoughtful, are not enough to explain the beauty of an illustration store. 

The space is open since 2009 to showcase the best illustrations from all over the world. Located in the sparkling Miguel Bombarda block, in Porto, Ò! Gallery is a project focused on illustration, drawing, books, zines and author pieces.

The owner is Ema Ribeira, who, besides presenting some of the best illustrators in the world, introduces young and promising talent.

More recently, she launched the Ó! Cerâmica project. A new gallery dedicated to ceramics with, workshops and a studio.

And where?
Rua Miguel Bombarda, 61, Porto

Coração de Alecrim

On the small Travessa de Cedofeita, the door of Coração de Alecrim catches the eye of passers-by. Founded by Rita Dixo, the space is more than a simple store: it calls us home.

“Our shop is our home. For the people who surround us. For the planet. Inspired by sustainable, fair-trade, handmade local products. This is our love for beautiful things. We are inspired by what is sustainable, we push forward the fair trading of handmade and local products”, reads the space’s website.

“We believe Portugal has a lot to offer to the world. Therefore, our project is based on that search for Portuguese know-how and expertise: sustainable, always immersed in beauty, simplicity and love”.

Clothing, footwear, jewellery, botanicals and other products are all available at Coração de Alecrim. And, if you have time, we recommend a coffee to take in the energy of the space.

And where?

Travessa de Cedofeita, 28 Porto

LOT: Labels of Tomorrow

At Rua de José Falcão 144, we find Labels of Tomorrow (LOT). The new space opened in downtown Porto in June 2022 under the label of The Feeting Room, promising creativity and good taste. And tomorrow’s brands are in charge.

“LOT emerges as a space that aims to create a remarkable shopping experience”, say the founders of the project in a statement. Tradition and modernity are brought together in this new space. The original layout of the historic building remains, but the remaining 800 m², divided between two floors, appeal to the senses of modernity and design, with retail spaces, a restaurant with a terrace and an art gallery that opens the door to a garden perfect for summer afternoons.

A-line, Alogori, Cinco Store, Fora, Sanjo, Nobrand, are some made-in-Portugal brands that can be found here, but that’s not all. LOT brings together other international brands with growth potential. In the new space, it is also possible to enjoy a meal at Eleven Lab Concept and get to know several artistic projects, the result of the partnership with the Underdogs Gallery, which will this way have its first collection in the Invicta city.

And where?

Rua José Falcão, 144, Porto

The Feeting Room

At Largo dos Lóios, in the heart of the city, was born in 2015 The Feeting Room. The goal was clear: to focus on promoting emerging talent and finding new concepts, devising a vision of consumption based on both experience and product, curating independent brands that stand out on the national and international markets.

Originally focused on the Portuguese footwear trade, The Feeting Room now has an online space, three physical shops, two in Porto (The Feeting Room and LOT) and one in Lisbon, and over 100 partner brands from around the world.

And where?

Largo dos Lóios, Porto

Patch Porto

Between the vintage and the contemporary. Between relics of the past and promises for the future. All of this can be found at Patch Porto, on Rosário’s Street. A vintage store that contains clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, lamps, decoration… the odds of finding whatever you are looking for are very high.

Patch Porto was founded by Artur Mendanha, known for his work in lighting design.

And where?

Rua do Rosário nº 193, Porto


Still on Rosário’s Street, Scar-ID is another must-see. Founded in 2013 by Sílvia Pinto Costa and André Ramos, it is a gallery-shopping specializing in contemporary and experimental art and design. It is also a design brand ATER by SCAR-ID and an architecture and interiors studio, SCAR-ID ATELIER.

The store-gallery, which occupies the space of an old 1950s grocery shop, is committed to the communication and commercialization of design-author and “is based on the concepts of identity, exclusivity, and innovation”.

Clothing, footwear, accessories, beauty products and decorations are some products that can be found in this space. Always with a touch of design and irreverence.

And where?

Rua do Rosário, 253, Porto.

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