Positive Invoice

If we do not quickly change our actions, the Planet will present us with a heavy invoice. And taxes vary. They start with the misuse of natural resources and end in excessive consumption. In-between, there are issues such as waste, disrespect for human rights, pollution, and waste, among so many other ways of damaging the greatest asset we have.

Portuguese Soul introduces the other side of fashion. The positive bill of the Portuguese footwear and clothing brands that every day unveil solutions for a more sustainable future. And the proposals come from everywhere, from established brands to young designers.

But we do not stop here. The Portuguese footwear industry believes that leather is one of the premium materials. It has attributes that make it a super material, such as durability, tear-resistance and breathability. There are also more environmentally friendly vegetable tanning alternatives. Leather is a by-product of the food industry that is processed and made into leather. Therefore, the recycling of a product that would have as its final destination the landfill.

Shoes: Fly London; Vest: Buzina
Shoes: Reve de Flo; Bag: Constança Entrudo; T-shirt and trousers: Constança Entrudo
Shoes: J.Reinaldo; Dress: Kolovrat
Shoes: JJ Heitor; Jacket and jeans: A Line
Earrings: Milko Boyarov; Tank top: A Line
Shoes: Apple of Eden; Dress: Pé de Chumbo
(Left) Shoes: Lemon Jelly; Dress: Luís Carvalho | (Right) Dress: Alves/Gonçalves
Shoes: Felmini; Bag: Béhen; Jacket: Béhen
Shoes: Felmini; Sweatshirt and trousers: Miguel Flor Archives
(Left) Dress: Inês Barreto | (Right) Shoes: Reve de Flo; Jacket: Maria do Carmo Studio; Dress: Susana Bettencourt

Photography: Frederico Martins
Styling: Cláudia Barros

Photo Assistants: Pedro Sá, Vicente Sottomayor
Styling Assistant: Maria Sampaio
Hair and Make Up: Sara Fonseca
Production: Diogo Oliveira (Lalaland Studio)
Model: Marie Kohn (Blow)
Casting: Joana Castro

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