All the Way Up

New male faces who call Portugal their home.

All clothes: Hugo Costa
Sneakers: Sanjo; All clothes: Pedro Pedro
Sneakers: Nobrand; All clothes: Luís Carvalho;
Sneakers: Wayz; All clothes: Hugo Costa; Recycled fishing net
Sneakers: Valuni; All clothes: Pedro Pedro; Vintage sunglasses
Sneakers: Ambitious; All clothes: David Catalán; Vintage sunglasses
(Left) Sneakers: J.Reinaldo; All clothes: Hugo Costa | (Right) Top: Luís Carvalho
(Left) Swimbriefs: Calvin Klein; Recycled fishing net | (Right) Sneakers: Profession Bottier; All clothes: Hugo Costa
Bags: Leather Goods by Belcinto; All clothes: Luís Carvalho
All clothes: Luís Carvalho

Photography: Pedro Afonso
Styling: Fernando Bastos Pereira

Photo Assistant: Hugo Pais Ribeiro
Styling Assistant: Nelson Lima
Hair: Rui Rocha
Production: Snowberry
Models: Devon (We Are Models), Diogo Lapas (Face Models), Jack (Central Models), Rafa (Just Models)
Casting: Joana Castro

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