Under Water

The Hydroelectric Power Plant and the Foz do Tua Dam are located on the Tua River, an affluent of the right bank of the Douro, in the parish of São Mamede de Riba Tua, municipality of Alijó. Forming an imposing construction in the middle of a natural landscape protected by UNESCO, these two buildings were designed to minimise their visual impact. They are proof of the ability of the human being to transform everything nature gives us.

In this editorial, Joana Schenker — professional bodyboarder — joins the international mannequin Bogdan.

Boots: Apple of Eden; Coat and skirt: Diogo Miranda; Top: stylist own
JOANA — Boots: Reve de Flo; Dress and socks: Nuno Baltazar | BOGDAN — Jacket: Huarte; Top: Collusion
(Left) Boots: Felmini; Dress: Luís Buchinho; Socks: Nuno Baltazar | (Right) Shoes: Nobrand; Top: Andreia Reimao; Trousers: Ernest W. Baker
JOANA — Boots: Luís Onofre; Top: stylist own; Skirt and socks: Nuno Baltazar | BOGDAN — Shoes: Nobrand; Top: Collusion; Trousers: Ernest W. Baker
(Left) Skirt: Diogo Miranda; Top: stylist own | (Right) Shoes: Mocc’s; Jacket e trousers: Ernest W. Baker; Top: Vintage
(Left) JOANA — Boots: Fly London; Top: stylist own; Skirt: Burberry; Socks: Nuno Baltazar | BOGDAN — Shoes: Campobello; Top: Collusion; Trousers: Huarte | (Right) Boots: JJ Heitor; Dress: Gonçalo Peixoto
(Left) BOGDAN — Shoes: Valuni; Outfit: Ernest W. Baker | JOANA — Shoes: Fly London; Top: Wolford; Skirt: Vintage
BOGDAN — Shoes: Carlos Santos; Blazer: Luís Carvalho; Shirt and jumpsuit: Ernest W. Baker | JOANA — Boots: Reve de Flo; Shirt: Luís Carvalho
JOANA — Boots: JJ Heitor; Top e skirt: Elsa Barreto at Loja das Meias | BOGDAN — Shoes: Carlos Santos; Bag: Leather Goods by Belcinto; Top: Collusion; Trousers: Ernest W. Baker

Photography: Frederico Martins
Styling: Nelly Gonçalves

Photo Assistants: Pedro Sá, Vicente Sotomayor
Styling Assistants: Maria Glostein Sampaio, Bernardo Resende
Make Up: Ana Raquel Ribeiro
Hair: Rui Rocha
Production: Diogo Oliveira (lalaland Studios)
Models: Joana Schenker (Naughty Boys), Bogdan Romanovic (Just Models)
Casting: Joana Castro
Special thanks to: Pedro Ribeiro (Movhera) and Pedro Oliveira (Engie) for all the support at the Tua Dam Hydroelectric Power Plant

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