An island will (always) be a privileged place for anything concerned with water: be it to dive, to observe, to swim, to surf, to relax.

Nature can build some of the most amazing structures in living memory. Man’s own imagination cannot begin to compete. It creates, only to create again. In Madeira, we went in search of Nature, the great architect. We roamed its old Natural Pools — a zone of volcanic rock on the coast and Poço das Lesmas (in Seixal).

Dress: Alves/Gonçalves
(Left) Dress: DAVII; Vintage tank top and body | (Right) Ankle boots: Campobello; Jumper: Nuno Baltazar; Socks: Uniqlo
Bag: Lemon Jelly; Dress: Nuno Baltazar; Vintage body
Ankle boots: Felmini; Top and trousers: DAVII; Vintage bangles
Boots: Tatuaggi; Dresses: Nuno Baltazar; Vintage bangles
Shoes: JJ Heitor; Dress: DAVII; Vintage tank top and body
Ankle boots: Apple of Eden; Dresses: DAVII; Vintage bangles
(Left) Ankle boots: Fly London; Jacket and jumper: Arndes; Dress: Nuno Baltazar | (Right) Ankle boots: Reve de Flo; Blazer: Nuno Baltazar; Vintage bangles
Dress: DAVII; Vintage tank top and body
Dress: Alves/Gonçalves

Photography: Pedro Afonso
Styling: Fernando Bastos Pereira

Make Up: Helena Almeida
Hair: Rui Rocha
Production: Snowberry
Model: Arya Bendkhale
Casting: Joana Castro
Special thanks to: Associação Turismo da Madeira

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