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Influencer, model, entrepreneur. Francisco Faria is a digital universe success story, who two years ago launched a unique brand of hats made in Portugal: the Hurricane. Maluma and Rosalia are some of the names that have used his brand’s products. The goal is to reach more celebrities and, with that, more countries.

And what if we told him that this brand — like its founder — could not live without water? It seems impossible, but water is vital in the Hurricane production process as it is for any hat that respects the national hat-making heritage, because it moistens and softens the felt as part of the moulding process. Steam and sprayed water are also used to shape the crowns and brims. This helps with the hat’s durability, ensuring that it does not lose its shape over time.

Q: How did the idea of creating the Hurricane come about?

A: Hurricane came from the idea of creating a disruptive design. Two years ago, there was no manufacturer in Portugal that respected the heritage of traditional Portuguese hat-making but was simultaneously cool and connected to fashion, art and music… for the modern cowgirls and cowboys.

Q: What sets your brand apart?

A: First, it’s all about the product. We have hats for women, men and children. While revisiting classic hat designs, each model celebrates bold details such as animal print, metals, ropes and other carefully crafted particularities by brand founders Tânia Senra and Francisco Faria.

Each hat has an inner ribbon that allows it to perfectly fit the shape of the head. It is also possible to have a bespoke hat that can be personalised to fit in with the customer’s taste.

Being completely free of plastics, there is also a sustainable aspect to the Hurricane. The packaging is made of paper and the hat itself is 100% biodegradable and natural wool.

We don’t have seasons, we release unannounced designs that tell the story of the women and men who dare to challenge fashion standards. As a literal translation of the brand’s motto says: “Why be a gentle breeze when we can be a hurricane”.

Q: Is there any celebrity you would like to see wearing your hat?

A: We’ve already been lucky enough to see our hats on the heads of people we admire, both here in Portugal and abroad. Maluma and Rosalia are just two examples of this. Getting Harry Styles, Beyoncé and Rosalia would be the dream.

Q: The hats are made in São João da Madeira. How does the production process work?

A: We buy felt made from 100% natural and biodegradable wool from a Portuguese supplier and then send it to our local producers where the felt is shaped and the brim and crown are made in the desired mould. The process then moves on to the sewing stage, where the lining, labels and accessories are added.

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