We need to talk: Casario Restaurant

See, experience and be surprised. These are three verbs that we love and that, together, lead us to a fourth: to share. Today, our proposal is to take you to a universe of flavours, with a privileged view over the Douro River.

Words: Cláudia Pinto

Photos: Luís Ferraz

There is a song by Rui Veloso that says, “who comes and crosses the river (Douro), next to the Serra do Pilar, sees an old house that stretches to the sea”. Undoubtedly, a poetic and romantic way to see the landscape of Porto and, perhaps, the inspiration for a new restaurant: Casario; or were not the surrounding landscape a small riverside house planted.

A space overlooking Gaia, with the Douro River as an interlocutor, which houses the geniality of two renowned chefs, who now manage the kitchen with four hands: Miguel Castro e Silva and José Guedes. This is not a new partnership, as it dates back to the two professionals’ joint work over the years at the De Castro Gaia restaurant, Espaço Porto Cruz.

In this new restaurant, two ways of thinking and interpreting the best of Portuguese gastronomy come together. Both share a common respect for the seasonality, richness, and authenticity of national products. And what better than to leave some of the best dishes of this duo in the air? Almond Vichyssoise with Smoked Duck, Roasted Beetroot, Cheese and Raspberry, Squid and Shrimp Lollipop, Smoked Eel with Mustard and Honey, Roast Beef and Zabaglione with English Sauce, Rhubarb Rice with Spicy Sausage, Squid Stuffed with Paio Bísaro, Duck Thigh with Périgueux Sauce, or Chocolate Tartlet with Wild Fruits and Pistachio. Did we open your appetite? Good, that was the goal.

And as no Man lives on bread alone, the meal is always well accompanied by an exclusive selection of wines of the universe of Quinta de Ventozelo, Dalva and Porto Cruz wines. In the Casario wine cellar, there are over 60 references, from Douro wines to Port wines, including muscatel, sparkling wine and gin.

Details to keep in mind:

Casario is open weekdays for dinner from 5 pm to 10.30 pm, Tuesday to Friday.

Weekend lunches are on Saturday from 12.30 pm to 22.30 pm and Sunday from 12.30 pm to 17.00 pm. Casario is part of the boutique hotel Gran Cruz House.

GRAN CRUZ HOUSE – Viela do Buraco, Praça da Ribeira,
Porto 4050-132 Portugal
Tel.: +351 227 662 270

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