A drop. Small or large, that envelops us, nourishes us, sates our thirst, tucks us in, brings us good news. It gives us life.

We know the theory, but it’s never too much to remember that water is indispensable for human, animal and vegetal lives. There’s no life without water. All because Water. Water is all you need. Even if it’s only a drop.

Shoes: Luís Onofre
(Left) Bag: Rufel | (Right) Shoes: Valuni
(Left) Shoes: Campobello | (Right) Boots: Sónia Patrício
(Left) Hat: Leather Goods by Belcinto | (Right) Sandals: Miguel Vieira
(Left) Shoes: Mocc’s | (Right) Shoes: Reve de Flo
(Left) Boots: Nobrand | (Right) Boots: Carlos Santos

Photography: Pedro Ferreira
Concept: Ana Caracol

Production Assistant: Eduarda Pedro

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