A LINE invests in the East

Photo: Tiago Ribeiro

A LINE was created with the aim of questioning fashion, enhancing its fundamental values and adapting to the winds of time, technological change and attitudes.
The East, and particularly Japan, it’s the new bet.

A LINE focus on the clothes, but also on the people who wear them. “We want to ask questions, but we also want to find answers. We work from our unique DNA, but we also listen to what’s happening outside our walls. We believe that transparency is the starting point for any good relationship”, consider Helder Gonçalves.

According to Helder Gonçalves “A Line is a small, attentive and meticulous company. We immerse ourselves in the centuries-old know-how of the Portuguese textile industry to create a wardrobe that is timeless – but never stagnant – with its feet firmly on the ground”. A LINE stands for style reduced to the essentials, attention to detail and high quality & recyclable raw materials that are suitable for sensitive skin. “Designs that are a reflection of the current direction women are taking – elegance, maturity, awareness and confidence – and any new directions that may emerge along the way”. “We want to walk side by side with those who wear us, taking a step forward with them. We are deeply in love with our clothes, and we hope you are too. After all, they’re meant to last a lifetime”, Helder Gonçalves said

Environmental challenges demand a commitment to creating a more sustainable world. “A LINE strives to contribute to a long-term positive environmental and social impact. We are working to reduce our environmental footprint to preserve the planet and its natural resources by improving our methods and practices, making our standards a path to follow. Our aim is to create the most beautiful and desirable products with the least impact on our environment. Every decision we make is a symbol of our commitment to defining the future of fashion”.

As a certified B Corporation, A LINE meets the highest levels of verified social and environmental performance. A” LINE is an aspirational 100% sustainable clothing brand that runs a modern and responsible business”.

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