Rui Rocha, the sculptor

Words: Cláudia Pinto
Photo: Pedro Afonso

For us, fashion is a form of art made by many people, performed at a certain time, whose crafts align in a perfect symbiosis. If we were to translate this to any kind of fine art, Rui Rocha would be our sculptor, as he makes the most remarkable sculptures with his hands. He understands how the hair works like nobody else, he’s an artist who’s both careful and gifted.

This year, he celebrates 20 years in business. A dream that started very early on, at the age of 16, under the diligent eye of his illustration teacher. And while he began gradually watching other hairdressers in renowned salons, his entry into the fashion world happened unexpectedly when he ventured into Portugal Fashion, in Porto, and met hairdresser Miguel Viana. He quickly went from just observing to doing the hair of some of the most important models of the moment, such as Luísa Beirão and Diana Pereira.
The invitations started to pour. He joined Vogue Portugal with Miguel Viana and later began working on his own with other photographers and other publications, such as N STYLE, with Frederico Martins. At Soul, there’s not one single issue without his name associated with an editorial (to say the least). So, it’s fair to say that his presence is constant. “Almost 20 years later, it’s a pleasure to continue working with the same people I started my career with”, says the hairdresser, who makes a very positive balance of these two decades of work. The secret is to “always keep learning, stay true to yourself, without ever being dazzled”.

His international career began with an invitation from Joana Neves, collaborator of the international hairstylist Guido Palau, to join the team for the Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks.

For him, Soul is “something quite strong and rather mystical. It’s a word full of meaning, a word that carries many feelings but, at the same time, is quite intimate”.

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