Portuguese Soul: Hemp

For the owners of large plots of land, hemp is a goldmine. It needs no fertilisers or pesticides, so production costs are minimal.

A fiber that has been having a revival as it is a very positive fiber for the environment is, in fact, hemp. It has a lot of similarities with linen, but there are some differences, like its resistance. Hemp is even more resistant than linen.

It also filters ultraviolet radiation more efficiently then linen. They are very similar in texture, they react very similarly to dyes. Despite having different natural colors, both fibers absorb other colors very efficiently during the dyeing stages, so they perform very well. The plant is 100% usable and it may be used by other industries. It’s used by the automotive industry to make lubricants, in cosmetics to make oils.It’s known to be a zero waste fiber, and that’s a plus.

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