Portuguese Leather Goods

Photo: Frederico Martins
Bag: Leather Goods by Belcinto

Hands are the beginning and end of everything. They serve us, but also make us be at the service of others. They give us the infinite ability to touch the hands of others, write poems, play the piano, support a wheel, hold someone, mould clay, sew a garment, make a shoe, build a bag. They create moments, art, or pieces that can accompany us for a lifetime.

The Portuguese leather goods sector employs hundreds of people who use their hands daily to design, cut, sew, assemble and deliver products that can last a lifetime, reaching more than 50 countries every year. Through them, the Made in Portugal label carries a lexicon of innovation, quality, and design.

The know-how accumulated over generations and the constant commitment to professional qualification appear to be the competitive trump cards of this sector.

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